Albendazole treatment for Giardia intestinalis infections in school children.

  title={Albendazole treatment for Giardia intestinalis infections in school children.},
  author={Krisana Pengsaa and Chukiat Sirivichayakul and Chanathep Pojjaroen-anant and S Nimnual and Pataraporn Wisetsing},
  journal={The Southeast Asian journal of tropical medicine and public health},
  volume={30 1},
A randomized controlled trial, 113 school children with Giardia intestinalis infection were treated with albendazole or tinidazole. Albendazole 400 mg once a day x 3 days and tinidazole 50 mg/kg single dose were given orally to 62 and 51 children, respectively. Parasitological cure was documented when there were > or = 2 times negative stool examination for G. intestinalis at 1-2 weeks after therapy. Thirty-one of 62 (50%) children treated with albendazole and 49 of 51 (96.1%) children treated… CONTINUE READING


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