Albania and the Middle East

  title={Albania and the Middle East},
  author={Michael B. Bishku},
  journal={Mediterranean Quarterly},
  pages={103 - 81}
This essay reviews and analyzes Albania's connections with the Middle East since the era of Enver Hoxha's rule, when ideology was a strong factor in international relations. Since the end of the Cold War, Albania has been most interested in developing political, economic, and cultural ties, especially with Turkey, Israel, and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf region. Through its modern history, Albania has been a good example of a politically and economically weak state exercising a fairly… 

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Turkish-Bulgarian relations since the latter part of the nineteenth century and throughout most of the twentieth have been shaped by political changes in the Balkans, affected in large part by the

A Political History of Bektashism in Albania

Abstract Heterodox mystics and heretics of any kind become sometimes dangerous and other times reliable, depending on political situations, as was the case with the Bektashis. The system of beliefs

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The demise of the Soviet Union constituted a turning point in the diplomatic relations between Israel and the states of the Balkan peninsula. Like all states of the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia,

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