Alaskan Malamute chondrodysplasia. V. Decreased gut zinc absorption.

  title={Alaskan Malamute chondrodysplasia. V. Decreased gut zinc absorption.},
  author={R. G. Brown and G N Hoag and Mike Smart and Lorna H Mitchell},
  volume={42 1},
Experiements were conducted to determine if zinc absorption was impaired in Alaskan Malamutes which had a genetic chondrodysplasia or dwarfism. When the uptake of an oral dose of 65Zn from the gut in blood was measured in whole dogs it was found that the chondrodysplastic animals absorbed only 25 per cent the amount absorbed by their controls. In vitro studies suggested that 65Zn was initially bound to a protein fraction in all cases but it was later released to a non-protein fraction in the… CONTINUE READING

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