Alarm response to venom by social waspsPolistes exclamans andP. fuscatus (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

  title={Alarm response to venom by social waspsPolistes exclamans andP. fuscatus (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)},
  author={D. Post and H. A. Downing and R. Jeanne},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Ecology},
  • D. Post, H. A. Downing, R. Jeanne
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Chemical Ecology
  • The venoms ofPolistes exclamans andP. fuscatus elicit alarm behavior and attract attacking wasps. The response is not species specific, for both hetero- and conspecific venoms elicit similar responses in both species. A test in a wind tunnel provided no support for the hypothesis that alarmed wasps release an alarm pheromone on the nest. 
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