Alaria alata mesocercariae in raccoons (Procyon lotor) in Germany

  title={Alaria alata mesocercariae in raccoons (Procyon lotor) in Germany},
  author={Zaida Melina Renter{\'i}a-Sol{\'i}s and Ahmad Hamedy and Frank-Uwe F Michler and Berit Annika Michler and Ernst L{\"u}cker and Norman Stier and Gudrun Wibbelt and Katharina Riehn},
  journal={Parasitology Research},
Alaria alata is a trematode of carnivores from Europe. The mesocercarial stage was recently identified in wild boar meat from Europe. Previous histopathologic studies showed the presence of unidentified parasitic cysts within the tongues of raccoons from northern Germany. For identification of the parasite species, tissue samples of 105 raccoons originating… CONTINUE READING