Alan Watts--Here and Now: Contributions to Psychology, Philosophy, and Religion

  title={Alan Watts--Here and Now: Contributions to Psychology, Philosophy, and Religion},
  author={Peter J. Columbus and Donadrian L. Rice},
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The metanarrative paradigm
The original contribution of this thesis is an examination of how the concept of metanarrative can be used to illuminate shifts in popular thought in the Information Age. There is disagreement over
An Aesthetic Appreciation of Alan Watts
Alan Watts has been accused of never seriously practicing any of the spiritual disciplines that were central to the Eastern philosophies that he popularized in the West. This article puts forward a


The Resurgence Of The Real: Body, Nature, And Place In A Hypermodern World
Epochal Rumblings in the 1990s The Rise and Fall of Modern Ideologies of Denial Prometheus on the Rebound Don't Call It Romanticism! Embracing the Real Appendix: Modernity Is to Us as Water to a Fish.
Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion
Jeffrey J. Kripal here recounts the spectacular history of Esalen, the institute that has long been a world leader in alternative and experiential education and stands today at the center of the
Zen in America: Five Teachers and the Search for an American Buddhism
This expanded edition of the highly acclaimed investigation of Zen teaching in America, by the founder and editor of America's first Buddhist magazine, lays bare the issues at the heart of the Zen
The New Buddhism: The Western Transformation of an Ancient Tradition
In our multicultural society, faiths formerly seen as exotic have become attractive alternatives for many people seeking more satisfying spiritual lives. This is especially true of Buddhism, which is