Alamouti code with quadrature partial response signaling


In this letter, the Alamouti code combined with partial response signaling (PRS) is proposed. The bit error rate of the proposed quadrature PRS (QPRS) Alamouti code is derived for the quasi-static Rayleigh fading and additive white Gaussian noise channel. Furthermore, its performance in a severely bandlimited channel is simulated by using chopping filter… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/TWC.2009.081147


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@article{Song2009AlamoutiCW, title={Alamouti code with quadrature partial response signaling}, author={Kyoung-Young Song and Jae-Dong Yang and Xianglan Jin and Jong-Seon No and Habong Chung}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications}, year={2009}, volume={8} }