AlGaN-GaN HEMTs on patterned silicon (111) substrate

  title={AlGaN-GaN HEMTs on patterned silicon (111) substrate},
  author={Shuo Jia and Y. Dikme and Deliang Wang and K. J. Chen and K. M. Lau and M. Heuken},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
We report the AlGaN-GaN high-electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) grown and fabricated on patterned silicon (111) substrates. A crack-free AlGaN-GaN HEMT heterostructure was grown on top of rectangular silicon ridges patterned on the silicon substrate. Fabrication of HEMT on the ridges was demonstrated using a polyimide planarization process. Maximum drain current density of 1.05 A/mm and peak transconductance of 150 mS/mm were achieved with 1.0 /spl mu/m gate-length. The current gain cutoff… CONTINUE READING