Al Qaeda: The Balkans Connection

  title={Al Qaeda: The Balkans Connection},
  author={Charles V. Pe{\~n}a},
  journal={Mediterranean Quarterly},
  pages={65 - 76}
  • C. Peña
  • Published 28 November 2005
  • Political Science
  • Mediterranean Quarterly
In October 2004, Yossef Bodansky—then the director of the congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare—claimed that the bombers of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad the prior year were trained in Bosnia. According to Bodansky, “There is a terrorist network in Bosnia, composed of several well-trained and connected groups, which are directly or indirectly responsible to . . . Osama bin Laden.”1 The Balkans are home to over 6 million Muslims—making up 70 percent of… 
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