Al-Kāshī's "Plate of Conjunctions"

  title={Al-Kāshī's "Plate of Conjunctions"},
  author={Edward S. Kennedy},
  pages={56 - 59}
so he rejected Kepler's second law and all its physical implications. He therefore found no inherent incompatibility between elliptic orbits and uniform circular motion. Boulliau went further and sought to explain the local accelerated rectilinear motion of falling bodies through the first half of the Lahire theorem the composition of uniform circular motions given by Nasir Eddin. Such an attempt 12 appears now to be naive, but at that time it represented a unified view of terrestrial and… 
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On the Early Collections of the Works of Ġiyāṯ al-Dīn Jamšīd al-Kāšī
Ġiyāṯ al-Dīn Jamšīd al-Kāšī (d. 832/1429), also known as Kāšānī, was a prominent astronomer and mathematician in the 9th/15th century and was a central figure at the observatory in Samarqand under
Approche directe de L'estimation automatique de L'orientation 3D d'images. (A Direct Approach to Automatic Assessment of 3D Images Orientation)
De nouvelles methodes d'extraction automatique de ces points ont ete mises au point, bien plus importantes que celles disponibles jusqu'ici, anders l'essentiel de l'heritage de the photogrammetrie terrestre.
A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969
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