Aksu Deresi havzası (Giresun) periglasiyal sahasında kütle hareketleri

  title={Aksu Deresi havzası (Giresun) periglasiyal sahasında k{\"u}tle hareketleri},
  author={H{\"u}seyin Turoğlu},
The periglacial mass movements which are different characters have been happening in high altitude region of Aksu River Basin (Giresun). The periglacial mass movements have been occuring on slopes consisted of soil, regolith, morens and glacial tills or weathered debris material by means of two main processes as freezing – thawing and water saturation. According to results of research on mass movements in region, it has been classified that solifluctions, gelifluctions, frost creeps and also… CONTINUE READING