Akinetic mutism: a report of three cases.

  title={Akinetic mutism: a report of three cases.},
  author={Jorge A Ure and Elena Faccio and H Videla and Roberto L. Caccuri and Fabio Giudice and Juan A Ollari and Marcos D{\'i}ez},
  journal={Acta neurologica Scandinavica},
  volume={98 6},
OBJECTIVES To report 3 new cases of akinetic mutism, a clinical syndrome defined by silent immobility with preserved visual alertness not accountable by lesion of the areas and/or effector pathways of speech and voluntary movements. MATERIAL AND METHODS Anatomopathological studies were performed in Cases 1 and 2; clinical follow-up, EEG, angiography and CT scans in Case 3. RESULTS Case 1: Bipallidal necrosis; Case 2: Left pallidal necrosis with right frontoparietal cortico-subcortical… CONTINUE READING
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