Akhenaten and the Strange Physiques of Egypt's 18th Dynasty

  title={Akhenaten and the Strange Physiques of Egypt's 18th Dynasty},
  author={I. Braverman and D. B. Redford and P. Mackowiak},
  journal={Annals of Internal Medicine},
  • I. Braverman, D. B. Redford, P. Mackowiak
  • Published 2009
  • Medicine
  • Annals of Internal Medicine
  • Key Summary Points Akhenaten (also known as Amenophis IV) was one of ancient Egypt's most controversial pharaohs because of his devotion to Aten, the Sun-disc, as his one-and-only god; he has a strange appearance in images produced after the introduction of his radical new religion. Whether the floridly androgynous images of Akhenaten were symbolic representations, meant to concretize the concept of him as the father and mother of all mankind, or realistic representations indicative of some… CONTINUE READING
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