Airway management in Ludwig's angina.

  title={Airway management in Ludwig's angina.},
  author={Sabine Neff and Alan F. Merry and Brian J Anderson},
  journal={Anaesthesia and intensive care},
  volume={27 6},
A 37-year-old 91 kg man presented with features of Ludwig's angina. Anaesthesia for incision and drainage of his submandibular abscess was undertaken by two specialist anaesthetists with an otorhinolaryngological surgeon prepared for immediate tracheostomy. After preoxygenation, gas induction with sevoflurane in oxygen was followed by a gush of pus into the oral cavity and laryngospam causing acute upper airway obstruction. This resolved with 25 mg of suxamethonium and an endotracheal tube was… CONTINUE READING