Airway hyperreactivity in children with sickle cell disease.

  title={Airway hyperreactivity in children with sickle cell disease.},
  author={Margaret A Leong and Carlton Dampier and Laurie Varlotta and Julian Allen},
  journal={The Journal of pediatrics},
  volume={131 2},
Progressive restrictive defect with increasing age, obstructive lung disease, and bronchodilator responsiveness have been reported in sickle cell disease (SCD). Because airway hyperreactivity (AHR) can be underestimated when assessed by bronchodilator responsiveness in patients with normal baseline lung function, the aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of AHR in SCD by cold-air bronchial provocation testing, and to assess whether AHR can be present in symptom-free patients with… CONTINUE READING