Airway Complications and Outcome after Thyroidectomy in Ibadan: A 15 Year Review

  title={Airway Complications and Outcome after Thyroidectomy in Ibadan: A 15 Year Review},
  author={Ay and ipo Oo and Adigun Ta and Afuwape Oo and Afolabi Ao and Amanda Daniel},
  journal={Archives of Medicine},
Introduction: Thyroidectomy is one of the frequent major surgeries performed by the general surgery unit. There are challenges encountered with patent airway maintenance during preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative periods. The objective of this study was to review the airway complications and outcome after thyroidectomy in our centre. Patients and Methods: This is a cross-sectional retrospective study of all the thyroidectomies performed from 2001-2015. The data collected included… 

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“Tracheomalacia after Thyroidectomy,” Does it Truly Exist?

It seems that with the necessary precautions, the incidence of tracheomalacia can reach zero in patients who underwent thyroidectomy within a 10-year interval.

Assessment of recurrent laryngeal nerve injury due to thyroid surgery in gorgan medical centers

Although recurrent laryngeal nerve injury is not common, in cases of total thyroidectomy greater care should be taken to preserve the nerve.



Airway Complications in Thyroid Surgery

Perioperative and postoperative morbidity and mortality were studied in a series of 3,008 thyroidectomies and the recurrent laryngeal nerve, which may have been affected preoperatively, was found to be damaged postoperatively.

Anaesthesia and surgical aspects of thyroid swelling: the Ibadan experience.

Seventy-five cases of thyroid swelling operated on at the University College Hospital, Ibadan over a period of two years and three months (March 1990 - May 1993) were reviewed, and the non-toxic benign goitres were totally asymptomatic regardless of their size.

Possible Risk Factors for respiratory Complications after Thyroidectomy: An Observational Study

  • G. Rahman
  • Medicine
    Ear, nose, & throat journal
  • 2009
While the findings of this observational study can only suggest the possibility of causation, preoperative factors such as long-standing goiter and giant goiter should be taken into consideration in postoperative management and the prevention of respiratory complications.

Effect of complicated thyroid surgical procedures on personal and professional life of patients.

Acceptance of complications after thyroid surgical procedures is difficult for patients and worsens their life satisfaction in the long term follow-up and adversely modifies their professional and personal life.

Practical management of post‐thyroidectomy hematoma

Close recovery room observation after thyroidectomy and early exploration and evacuation of hematoma in all patients who develop postoperative hematomas are recommended.

[Recurrent laryngeal nerve injury following thyroid surgery].

The permanent lesion of damaged recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) often manifests as an irreversible dysfunction of phonation and is the most common complication following thyroid surgery. The

Post-thyroidectomy laryngeal edema. A survey of fifty-four cases.

[Problems after thyroid gland surgery in Burkina Faso, 83 cases].

A retrospective analysis of the files of 83 patients who underwent surgery of the thyroid between January 1988 and December 1993 at the National Hospital Center of Ouagadougou to obtain information necessary to define suitable pre-, per-, and post-operative strategies for these conditions.

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Thyroid surgery is considered to be a risk factor for difficult airway management. We prospectively studied 324 consecutive patients undergoing thyroid surgery to investigate the incidence of

Risk of Vocal Palsy After Thyroidectomy with Identification of the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve