Airspace effects on the yield and quality of ewe milk.

  title={Airspace effects on the yield and quality of ewe milk.},
  author={Agostino Sevi and Luigi Taibi and Marzia Albenzio and Giovanni Annicchiarico and Antonio Muscio},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={84 12},
Three groups of 12 midlactating Comisana ewes were housed in separate rooms of the same building and assigned to treatments of low (LV, 4.1 m3), medium (MV, 5.6 m3), or high (HV, 7.3 m3) airspace/animal. The concentrations of airborne microorganisms in the experimental rooms were measured twice weekly at 0930 and 1630. Ewe milk yield was recorded daily. Individual milk samples were analyzed weekly for milk composition, coagulating properties, somatic cell concentration (SCC), and… CONTINUE READING