Aircraft wing design automation with ESO and GESO

  title={Aircraft wing design automation with ESO and GESO},
  author={Algis Lencus and Osvaldo M. Querin and Grant P. Steven and Yi Min Xie},
  journal={International Journal of Vehicle Design},
Group evolutionary structural optimisation (GESO) is a recent modification of evolutionary structural optimisation (ESO) which extends the topological method to configuration optimisation. This paper demonstrates the optimisation of an aircraft wing with ESO and GESO. The optimisation is conducted over some of the major areas involved in the design of an aircraft wing. These include the optimisation of the configuration of the internal stiffeners, the sizing of the skin thickness and the… Expand
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Evolutionary Structural Optimization: Stress Based Formulation and Implementation
  • Evolutionary Structural Optimization: Stress Based Formulation and Implementation
  • 1997
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