Airborne stability of tailless bacterial viruses S-13 and MS-2.

  title={Airborne stability of tailless bacterial viruses S-13 and MS-2.},
  author={Edward J Dubovi and T. G. Akers},
  journal={Applied microbiology},
  volume={19 4},
The effect of relative humidity (RH) on the airborne stability of two small bacterial viruses, S-13 and MS-2, was studied. Poorest recovery of S-13 was obtained at 50% RH. Humidification prior to aerosol sampling significantly increased the recovery of S-13 at RH deleterious to the airborne virus. A commercial preparation of MS-2 suspended in a buffered saline solution showed a rapid loss of viability at RH above 30%, whereas a laboratory preparation containing 1.3% tryptone showed high… CONTINUE READING