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Airborne microflora in the atmosphere of an hospital environment of University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Benin City, Nigeria.

  title={Airborne microflora in the atmosphere of an hospital environment of University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Benin City, Nigeria.},
  author={F. O. Ekhaise and E. E. Isitor and Osabuohien Idehen and Alexander O. Emoghene},
  journal={World Journal of Agricultural Sciences},
A study was undertaken to determine typical concentrations of airborne bacteria and fungi (microflora) in Teaching Hospital environment in Benin City in the tropical rainforest environment of Nigeria. Aerial sampling was conducted at various hospital wards each day. The air samples were collected thrice daily. Concentrations of airborne microflora exceeded available local guidelines for indoor quality in the accident and emergency ward, female ward, male ward, pediatric ward and the maternity… 

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Though, there was no significant difference in the results between the two major seasons, the airborne microbial population was high at the Accident and Emergency Ward sampling station across the two seasons.
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Results showed that the outdoor airborne bacteria and PM concentration at different sizes were significantly higher than indoors, suggesting that the indoor airborne particle may have originated from the outdoor air.
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Proper ventilation and sanitization in the hospital wards with regular quality control would overcome the probability of hospital nosocomial infections thereby promoting safety of mother and infant health.


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The degree of frequency of microbial distribution was high in the bacteriological laboratory and female ward and lowest in the operating room (Theater) of the two major hospitals studied.
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Bacteria and fungi occurring in the air of the examined hospital ward in relatively low numbers should be considered as a possible cause of asthma exacerbations in some patients because of the presence of Aspergillus fumigatus and other potentially pathogenic species.
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