Airborne Concentrations of Benzene Associated with the Historical Use of Some Formulations of Liquid Wrench

  title={Airborne Concentrations of Benzene Associated with the Historical Use of Some Formulations of Liquid Wrench},
  author={P. Williams and J. Knutsen and C. Atkinson and A. Madl and D. Paustenbach},
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The current study characterizes potential inhalation exposures to benzene associated with the historical use of some formulations of Liquid Wrench under specific test conditions. This product is a multiuse penetrant and lubricant commonly used in a variety of consumer and industrial settings. The study entailed the remanufacturing of several product formulations to have similar physical and chemical properties to most nonaerosol Liquid Wrench formulations between 1960 and 1978. The airborne… Expand
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