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AirTap : a multimodal interactive interface platform with free-space cutaneous haptic feedback via toroidal air-vortices

  title={AirTap : a multimodal interactive interface platform with free-space cutaneous haptic feedback via toroidal air-vortices},
  author={Ali Shtarbanov},
With recent developments in visual interface technologies, which are now capable of delivering rich and highly immersive experiences, the need has arisen to develop equally capable hapticfeedback technologies that can complement and be easily integrated with their visual counterparts to enable fully immersive, multimodal, interactive experiences. Moreover, with touchscreen devices rapidly replacing physical controls, as in the case of automobiles and industrial equipment, there has been a loss… 

Free-Space Haptic Feedback for 3D Displays via Air-Vortex Rings

This work presents an approach to augmenting conventional and 3D displays with free-space haptic feedback capabilities via a large number of closely-spaced air-vortex-ring generators mounted along the periphery of the display.

Push, Tap, Dwell, and Pinch: Evaluation of Four Mid-air Selection Methods Augmented with Ultrasonic Haptic Feedback

This work compares four mid-air target selection methods (Push, Tap, Dwell, Pinch) with two types of ultrasonic haptic feedback (Select, HoverSelect) in a Fitts’ law experiment. Results revealed that



AirWave: non-contact haptic feedback using air vortex rings

This paper reviews vortex formation theory and explores specific design parameters that allow us to generate vortices capable of imparting haptic feedback, and develops a prototype system called AirWave, which can be used to direct tactile stimuli to different regions of the human body.

Mid-Air Haptics and Displays: Systems for Un-instrumented Mid-air Interactions

A group of researchers spanning across multiple facets of exploring interactions with mid-air systems to discuss, explore, and outline research challenges for this novel area are brought together.

Project FEELEX: adding haptic surface to graphics

This paper presents work carried out for a project to develop a new interactive technique that combines haptic sensation with computer graphics and a new interface device comprising of a flexible screen, an actuator array and a projector.

UltraHaptics: multi-point mid-air haptic feedback for touch surfaces

This work investigates the desirable properties of an acoustically transparent display and demonstrates that the system is capable of creating multiple localised points of feedback in mid-air, and shows that feedback points with different tactile properties can be identified at smaller separations.

Towards Wearability in Fingertip Haptics: A 3-DoF Wearable Device for Cutaneous Force Feedback

Design guidelines for wearable haptics are introduced and a novel 3-DoF wearable haptic interface able to apply force vectors directly to the fingertip is presented, able to exert up to 1.5 N.

Rendering volumetric haptic shapes in mid-air using ultrasound

This paper outlines the algorithm for controlling the volumetric distribution of the acoustic radiation force field in the form of a three-dimensional shape, and demonstrates how this field is created and how users interact with it.

HaptoMime: mid-air haptic interaction with a floating virtual screen

This work proposes a method to superpose hands-free tactile feedback on such a floating image using ultrasound, by tracking a fingertip with an electronically steerable ultrasonic beam, the fingertip encounters a mechanical force consistent with the floating image.

Haptic technologies for direct touch in virtual reality

This paper focuses on grounded, kinesthetic haptic interfaces that render virtual environments by outputting a force through a robotic end effector, which provide compelling simulations of toolbased interaction, but do not allow users to touch virtual content directly with their hands.

HaptoClone (Haptic-Optical Clone) for Mutual Tele-Environment by Real-time 3D Image Transfer with Midair Force Feedback

A novel interactive system that mutually copies adjacent 3D environments optically and physically and realizes mutual user interactions through haptics without wearing any devices is proposed.

The DLR bimanual haptic device with optimized workspace

A bimanual haptic device composed of two DLR/KUKA Light-Weight Robot (LWR) arms that is well suited for versatile applications in remote and virtual environments, especially for large unscaled movements.