Air pollution in China: Status and spatiotemporal variations.

  title={Air pollution in China: Status and spatiotemporal variations.},
  author={Congbo Song and Lin Wu and Yaochen Xie and Jianjun He and Xi Chen and Ting Wang and Yingchao Lin and Taosheng Jin and Anxu Wang and Yan Liu and Qili Dai and Baoshuang Liu and Yanan Wang and Hongjun Mao},
  journal={Environmental pollution},
In recent years, China has experienced severe and persistent air pollution associated with rapid urbanization and climate change. Three years' time series (January 2014 to December 2016) concentrations data of air pollutants including particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) and gaseous pollutants (SO2, NO2, CO, and O3) from over 1300 national air quality monitoring sites were studied to understand the severity of China's air pollution. In 2014 (2015, 2016), annual population-weighted-average (PWA… CONTINUE READING
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