Air pollution and daily mortality in Seoul and Ulsan, Korea.

  title={Air pollution and daily mortality in Seoul and Ulsan, Korea.},
  author={John Tayu Lee and Dayeon Shin and Y. C. Chung},
  journal={Environmental Health Perspectives},
  pages={149 - 154}
The relationship between air pollution and daily mortality for the period 1991-1995 was examined in two Korean cities, Seoul and Ulsan. The observed concentrations of sulfur dioxide (SO2; mean = 28.7 ppb), ozone (O3; mean = 29.2 ppb), and total suspended particulates (TSP; mean = 82.3 microg/m3) during the study period were at levels below Korea's current ambient air quality standards. Daily death counts were regressed separately in the two cities, using Poisson regression on SO2, O3, and/or… CONTINUE READING


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