Air pollution: A systematic review of its psychological, economic, and social effects.

  title={Air pollution: A systematic review of its psychological, economic, and social effects.},
  author={Jackson G. Lu},
  journal={Current opinion in psychology},
  • Jackson G. Lu
  • Published 1 April 2020
  • Psychology
  • Current opinion in psychology

Environmental Determinants of Urban Mental Health: a Literature Review

  • IM SinevaAA KhafizovaI. Permyakov
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • 2021
The findings indicate the importance of further research on the influence of urban environment on mental health, the results of which can be implemented in various hygiene practices and urban planning programs.

The Effect of Air Pollution on Food Preferences

Food preferences are often influenced by environmental cues such as temperature, scent, and sound. Although air pollution is a subtle but daily presence in consumers’ lives, a lack of marketing

A Mayor's Perspective on Tackling Air Pollution

Abstract We review recent empirical economic studies on urban ambient air pollution from a mayor’s perspective. We discuss the sources of urban air pollution, the economic costs that it imposes, and

Air Pollution Impairs Subjective Happiness by Damaging Their Health

Health plays a major mediating role in the relation between air pollution and residents’ happiness, and future strategies should focus on health promotion besides reducing air pollutant emission.

Children mirror adults for the worse: evidence of suicide rates due to air pollution and unemployment

Every year, more than 700,000 people die due to suicide, one of the most common reasons for youth death. While many studies have revealed two main factors for suicidal behavior: impulsive suicidal

Climate Change and Mental Health

  • S. Clayton
  • Medicine
    Current environmental health reports
  • 2021
Mental health impacts of climate change have the potential to affect a significant proportion of the population and more research is needed to document the extent of these impacts as well as the best options for mitigating and treating them.

Air Pollution and Violent Criminal Behaviour

This study advances the literature by examining the effect of carbon monoxide emissions on the degree of physical violence exhibited by a criminal offender during the commission of a criminal

Protective Effect of Breastfeeding on the Adverse Health Effects Induced by Air Pollution: Current Evidence and Possible Mechanisms

Environmental studies have confirmed that breastmilk’s protective effects outweigh its potential health risk to the infant, and several possible mechanisms of the breastfeeding protective effect were proposed, including the beneficial influence of breastfeeding on immune, respiratory, and nervous systems.



Polluted Morality: Air Pollution Predicts Criminal Activity and Unethical Behavior

It is proposed that air pollution can increase criminal and unethical behavior by increasing anxiety, and results revealed that anxiety mediated this effect.

Happiness in the Air: How Does a Dirty Sky Affect Mental Health and Subjective Well-being?

The Relationship between Air Pollution and Depression in China: Is Neighbourhood Social Capital Protective?

Analysis of data from the 2016 wave of China Labourforce Dynamics Survey and the real-time remote inquiry website of Airborne Fine Particulate Matter and Air Quality Index contributed to the understanding of the effect of air pollution on mental health in China and confirmed that neighbourhood social capital were protective factors in the relationship between health and environment hazards.

Associations between air pollution and perceived stress: the Veterans Administration Normative Aging Study

Air pollution was associated with higher levels of perceived stress in this sample of older men, particularly in colder months for specific pollutants, including PM2.5, black carbon, nitrogen dioxide and particle number counts.

Valuation of Air Pollution Using Life Satisfaction Data

  • H. Welsch
  • Economics, Environmental Science
  • 2005

Polluted Air Increases Perceived Corruption

Drawing upon the moral cleanness metaphor and the power height metaphor, we proposed the clear sky effect: polluted air increases perceived corruption. To test the effect, we established a