Air Pollution and Control in Different Areas of China

  title={Air Pollution and Control in Different Areas of China},
  author={Hui Hu and Qi Yang and Xi Lu and Wenchao Wang and Shanshan Wang and Maohong Fan},
  journal={Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology},
  pages={452 - 518}
  • Hui Hu, Qi Yang, +3 authors M. Fan
  • Published 2010
  • Environmental Science
  • Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology
Air pollution resulting from the combustion of fossil fuel is an environmental topic receiving global attention. In China, rapid economic development followed the economic reforms of 1978, especially during the two decades between 1978 and 1997. Meanwhile, serious air pollution problems were left outstanding. In recent decades, due to the various air pollution control measures adopted by the Chinese government, Chinese air quality has been ameliorated gradually. However, some research… Expand
Addition of PM2.5 into the National Ambient Air Quality Standards of China and the Contribution to Air Pollution Control: The Case Study of Wuhan, China
  • M. You
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • TheScientificWorldJournal
  • 2014
The example of Wuhan reveals that local governments should take measures to reduce the emission of PM2.5 if it affects the attainment rate and the performance evaluation value of air quality and forces local governmental officials to take the measures accordingly. Expand
Nonpoint source pollution, environmental quality, and ecosystem health in China: introduction to the special section.
This special issue includes seven articles focusing on nonpoint source pollution, environmental quality, and ecosystem health in China, and the major issues, and results, are discussed in this introduction. Expand
Is air pollution causing landslides in China
Abstract Air pollution in China often exceeds “unhealthy” levels, but Chinese air is not only a threat from being breathed: the pollutants may also be causing fatal landslides. Very acid rain fromExpand
Reactive Nitrogen Budgets in China
Reactive nitrogen (Nr) is crucial for food, fibre, and biofuel production. Meanwhile, it is a critical pollutant with multiple impacts on air/water quality, biodiversity, and human health. HumanExpand
Assessing air quality changes in heavily polluted cities during the COVID-19 pandemic: A case study in Xi'an, China
Abstract Chinese government has instated strict restrictions to halt the spread of COVID-19. Given the complete shutdown of emission-resources, like traffic, factories, restaurants, and constructionExpand
Atmospheric reactive nitrogen in China: sources, recent trends, and damage costs.
  • Baojing Gu, Y. Ge, +5 authors Jie Chang
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Environmental science & technology
  • 2012
A comprehensive assessment of ammonia (NH(3), nitrogen oxides (NO(x), and nitrous oxide (N(2)O) emissions in China based on a full cycle analysis provides policy makers an integrated view of Nr sources and health damage to address the significant challenges associated with the reduction of air pollution. Expand
Sources and Pathways of Nutrients in the Semi-Arid Region of Beijing–Tianjin, China
Investigation of the sources and spatiotemporal loads of nitrogen and phosphorus species over a one-year period in the Haihe catchment that drains the megacity of Beijing identified sewage as the predominant nutrient source in this semiarid region, which suggests that state-of-the-art wastewater treatment would drastically mitigate eutrophication and even more rapidly than in Europe. Expand
Effects of air pollution control policies on PM 2 . 5 pollution improvement in China from 2005 to 2017 : a satellite-based perspective
Understanding the effectiveness of air pollution control policies is important for future policy making. China has implemented strict air pollution control policies since the 11th Five-Year PlanExpand
Mode selection of China's urban heating and its potential for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission
China's carbon dioxide (CO2) emission ranks the highest in the world. CO2 emission from urban central heating, which has an average annual growth rate of 10.3%, is responsible for 4.4% of China'sExpand
Effects of air pollution control policies on PM2.5 pollution improvement in China from 2005 to 2017: a satellite-based perspective
Abstract. Understanding the effectiveness of air pollution control policies is important for future policy making. China has implemented strict air pollution control policies since the 11th Five-YearExpand


Study on distribution regularity of the air pollution in Guangzhou City
Based on the monitoring of the results of atmospheric pollutants from 1981 to 1997 and the climatic data from similar years in Guangzhou city, the distribution regularity of the air pollution in thisExpand
Several Characteristics of Atmospheric Environmental Quality in China at Present
Based on an analysis of monitoring data on atmospheric environment in China,the air pollutant of the first importance in China is PM_(10) at present instead of SO_2 in the past,and the quality of theExpand
Characterization of Urban Air Pollution Sources
  • H. Ke
  • Environmental Science
  • 2003
An integrated approach of characterization of the urban pollution sources is introduced, which included the establishment of emission inventory, the air quality modeling and regional impact analysis.Expand
The Study of Urban Photochemical Smog Pollution in China
Based on the studies on photochemical smog in Xigu and Yanshan petroleum industrial areas,Beijing city and Guangzhou City,the current pollution level of photochemical smog and its characteristics inExpand
Regularities and prevention-controlling measures of air pollution in Lanzhou City
According to the monitored concentration of TSP, NO and SO 2 in the air in Lanzhou City from 1997 to 2000, the regularities of air pollution are analyzed. Because the city lies in the basin of YellowExpand
Comparison of the Characteristics of Ambient Pollutants in Urban and Background Region in Beijing during August and September
Two sites were selected to observe the concentration of air pollutants in the atmosphere.One is in Beijing urban area and the other,as background region,is at Xinglong County of Hebei Province.TheExpand
Influence of coal combustion on atmospheric quality in Shanghai
The pollution status and variations of principal air pollutants of Shanghai in 2005 were analyzed and the morphologies of major inhalable particulate types caused by coal combustion were investigatedExpand
Comprehensive research of the city air quality distribution conditions in winter season in Liaoning province
The city air quality distribution conditions were summarized by the atmospheric environmental monitoring data from 14 cities of Liaoning and the absorbable particles monitoring data such asExpand
Relationship of Severe TSP Pollution and Natural Dustfall in Lanzhou City
There is a 'dry tongue'(less rainfall) in north-south orientation between Ningxia Hui Autonomous region and middle part of Gansu province,forming a downwards moving region over the vertical velocityExpand
The impacts of different kinds of dust events on PM10 pollution in northern China
Abstract In this study the frequencies of PM 10 (as key urban pollutant) in 14 key environmental protection cities in northern China were analyzed. It follows that the PM 10 concentration in theExpand