Air Pollution Costs in Ukraine

  title={Air Pollution Costs in Ukraine},
  author={Elena Strukova and Alexander Golub and Anil Markandya},
  journal={European Economics: Agriculture},
The paper presents estimation of the health losses from urban air pollution in Ukraine. The methodology developed by US EPA and adjusted in Russia for Eastern European transition countries was applied for health risk assessment. PM2.5 was identified as the major source of human health risk, based on experience from the Russian studies. In the absence of reliable computed concentrations of PM2.5, the study was based on monitoring data of total suspended particle (TSP) emissions in Ukraine… 

Human Health Cost of Air Pollution in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, like other former Soviet Republics, inherited a number of serious environmental problems. Air pollution is one of these serious problems, leading to significant environmental health

The Influence of Environmental Factors on Human Health: Economic Estimations for Ukraine

It is found that air pollution is responsible on average for 3.6% of all mortality cases in Ukraine and total economic costs attributed to air pollution and selected morbidity indicators in 2011 were in a range 0.7%-1.3% of GDP.

Risk Assessment Capacity Building Program in Zaporizhzhia Ukraine: Emissions Inventory Construction, Ambient Modeling, and Hazard Results

Historically, Ukraine has been a major source of industrial production for the former Soviet Union and the source of pollution associated with an aging industrial infrastructure. The US Environmental

Policy Interventions to Address Health Impacts Associated with Air Pollution, Unsafe Water Supply and Sanitation, and Hazardous Chemicals

The purpose of the paper is to review the recent empirical literature relating to the quantification and valuation of the human health impacts of air pollution, hazardous chemicals, and unsafe water

Health effects of exposure to particulate matter less than 10 microns (PM10) in Ahvaz

High total mortality rate and cardiovascular mortality rate may be due to PM10 level more than standard level or continuation of days with high level of particulate matter in breathing air zone in Ahvaz.

Economic estimations of air pollution health nexus

  • O. KubatkoO. Kubatko
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
    Environment, Development and Sustainability
  • 2018
Air pollution does not increase incidents of alcoholism and alcoholic psychosis, rubeola (measles), and diabetes, and average age, urbanization, and alcohol consumption are positive and significant factors in all CVD morbidity regressions.

Investigation variations of particulate matter and volatile organic compounds concentration in gorgan city and the effect of atmospheric factors in emission these pollutants: Estimation of spatial distribution of air quality index by GIS

Aims: In this study, the concentration of particulate matter (PM)2.5and PM10particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was measured from July of 2016 to June of 2017 in Gorgan City and the

Cardiovascular, respiratory, and total mortality attributed to PM2.5 in Mashhad, Iran

Using the particle control methods, such as optimal use of fuel, management of air quality in urban areas, technical inspection of vehicles, faster development of public transport, and use of industrial technology can be effective in reducing air pollution in cities and turning existing situations into preferred ones.

Determination of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases Caused by PM10 Exposure in Bushehr, 2013

High rates of cardiovascular death and respiratory deaths could be due to higher average PM10 or continued days of high PM10 concentration in Bushehr, according to this analytic study.

Cardiovascular, respiratory, and total mortality ascribed to PM10 and PM2.5 exposure in Isfahan, Iran

Residents in Isfahan were exposed to PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations higher than the WHO guidelines which caused a notable increase in the rate of mortality, and about 44.3% of total annual death and 9.55% of that due to respiratory diseases were attributed to PM10 exposure.



Estimating the health effects of air pollutants : a method with an application to Jakarta

Air pollution and daily mortality: a review and meta analysis.

  • J. Schwartz
  • Environmental Science
    Environmental research
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A detailed examination of data from Philadelphia showed that control for season and weather was adequate for removing all long-term seasonal and subseasonal patterns from the mortality data, and that using a very flexible nonlinear fit to the weather factors did not disturb the association with TSP.

Lung cancer, cardiopulmonary mortality, and long-term exposure to fine particulate air pollution.

Fine particulate and sulfur oxide--related pollution were associated with all-cause, lung cancer, and cardiopulmonary mortality and long-term exposure to combustion-related fine particulate air pollution is an important environmental risk factor for cardiopULmonary and lung cancer mortality.

Water Infrastructures Facing Sustainable Development Challenges: Integrated Evaluation of Impacts of Dams on Regional Development in Morocco

During the past century, large hydraulic infrastructures have been considered as the most effective tools for increasing water supply and rationalise water management. According to this approach,

The White House and the Kyoto Protocol: Double Standards on Uncertainties and Their Consequences

This paper compares the level of uncertainty widely reported in climate change scientific publications with the level of uncertainty of the costs estimates of implementing the Kyoto Protocol in the

Valuing Environmental Factors in Cost-Benefit Analysis Using Data Envelopment Analysis

Environmental cost-benefit analysis (ECBA) refers to social evaluation of investment projects and policies that involve significant environmental impacts. Valuation of the environmental impacts in

Benefit Transfer in Europe: How Reliable Are Transfers between Countries?

Accounting for measurable differences among countries in health status, income and other demographic measures, either through ad hoc adjustments to the transferred values or through value function transfer, did not improve transfer performance.


Statistical manipulation of environmental and mortality data for LA County (1956-58) showed distinct seasonal patterns which, when eliminated by harmonic analysis, revealed no influence of air

Indicators of Migrants' Socio-Professional Integration

Understanding and monitoring the diversity which lies under migrants' socio-professional integration trends is a challenge that both Governments and local administrations must be able to face. This

Long-Term Ambient Concentrations of Particulates and Oxidants and Development of Chronic Disease in a Cohort of Nonsmoking California Residents

AbstractA cohort of 6340 nonsmoking California Seventh-Day Adventists (SDAs) who had resided within 5 miles of their present residence for the past 10 yr has been followed since 1977 for incidence of