Air Gun — A Deadly Toy?

  title={Air Gun — A Deadly Toy?},
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Air guns (air rifles) are used throughout the world as instruments of amusement such as toys in funfairs, for bird hunting and firearms training. In India and in many other countries, this instrument neither comes under the purview of the Arms Act, nor is there is any restriction on the user's age. This enables a person to gain access to this instrument quite easily. Sometimes serious and fatal injuries result when it is used by an ignorant person or by a criminal. There are reports which… Expand
A review of firearms, projectile and gunshot wounds in animals.
This review attempted to compile the major subjects on gunshot wounds in animals based on numerous experiments involving shooting materials that mimic live tissues and organs, human cadavers or live animals. Expand
Neurosurgical Care of Nonpowder Firearm Injuries: A Narrative Review of the Literature
A narrative review of the literature of the management of nonpowder firearm injuries with particular emphasis on intracranial injury finds a multidisciplinary team is needed to manage the direct results of penetrating injury and long-term sequalae. Expand
Fatal cardiac injury sustained from an air gun: Case report with review of the literature☆
Air guns use compress air to cause bullet acceleration and can cause serious injury and lead to cardiac tamponade/death, particularly in children. Expand
Vertebral artery injury due to air rifle: A case report
The findings were consistent with the vertebral artery injury and Brown-Sequard syndrome and these clinical entities should be considered in the setting of penetrating cervical trauma. Expand
Projectile embolization to the left femoral artery with stroke following gunshot wound to the chest.
A 9-year-old boy who was shot in the chest with a pellet gun and suffered a femoral arterial occlusion and a delayed stroke in the middle cerebral arterial distribution is presented. Expand


Air gun injuries of the abdomen in children.
From July 18, 1978 to Sept 15, 1982, four boys were treated for air gun injuries of the abdomen at the North Carolina Baptist Hospital, Winston-Salem, and there was no morbidity or mortality following repair. Expand
Homicide by use of a pellet gun.
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The fatal wound was unusual in that two pellets were loaded in "piggyback" fashion into the single shot .20 caliber Sheridan air gun, and the lethal pellet penetrated the brain. Expand
Serious and fatal air gun injuries: more than meets the eye.
Air guns are associated with serious and fatal injuries and families should be counseled that air guns may cause serious injuries and even death, and pediatric care givers should advocate for increased regulation of air guns and expansion of safety standards. Expand
National estimates of non-fatal firearm related injuries other than gunshot wounds
Non-fatal, non-GSWs make a notable contribution to the public health burden of firearm related injuries and firearm related injury prevention programs should focus on not only the reduction of gunshot wounds but also the Reduction of unintentional and violence related non- GSWs. Expand
Community norms on toy guns.
Assessment of community norms on the topic of toy gun play from the perspective of parents found that parents who thought that it was okay for children to play with toy guns and allowed them to playWith toy guns were more likely to be male parents, have male children, and be white. Expand
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