Aims, Goals, and Objectives

  title={Aims, Goals, and Objectives},
  author={Nel Noddings},
Aims, goals, and objectives can be thought of as hierarchically ordered educational purposes. In today's policy discussions, aims (the most generally stated purposes) are too often sacrificed for specific learning objectives. Although aims, unlike objectives, cannot be pursued and measured directly, their continued discussion is essential; careful consideration of aims should guide our choices of curriculum and pedagogy and the selection and evaluation of goals and objectives. Key words… 
What Is “Education”?
  • B. Chazan
  • Education
    Principles and Pedagogies in Jewish Education
  • 2021
Analytic philosophy of education focuses on clarifying such key terms as: “education”, “aims”, “goals”, “objectives”, “overt curriculum”, “covert curriculum”, “null curriculum”, “pedagogical content
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The purpose of this research paper is to analyze the effects of collaborative learning environment across different cultural settings. Learning in a collaborative environment teaches us how to
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The instructional time concept triggered an outcry in the teaching of Consumer Sciences in Swaziland, mostly on the magnitude and quality time educators have for instruction, this having power to
What Is “Moral Education”?
  • B. Chazan
  • Education
    Principles and Pedagogies in Jewish Education
  • 2021
Moral education is one of the most significant arenas of preoccupation of analytic educational philosophy as well as of daily educational practice. Several significant alternative theories of moral
A Comparative-Case Study of Junior High School English Curriculum between Indonesia and the Philippines
This study aims to describe the similarities and differences between Indonesian and Filipino English curricula and other special characteristics of the two countries in the ninth grade of junior high
Exploration of factors that inform curriculum studies students to use e-resources in conducting Masters of Education dissertations at a South African university.
ion and generalisation constitute the fourth principle and is embedded in the works of Heiddegger (1962) and Husserl (1970). These interpretive philosophers concur that research in this field be
Coursebooks are core parts of any curriculum as the unique contributors to content learning (Demir & Ertas, 2014). Currently, in Indonesian curriculum, K13, the government develops coursebooks that
A case study on nursing education in Hormozgan University Iran
Improvements are required in the programme content, structure, human resources, teaching and learning materials, and teaching methods to make the nursing education be more effective in Iran.
Finalidades educativas escolares e escola socialmente justa: a abordagem pedagógica da diversidade social e cultural
This article discusses the relationship between different views of school educational aims in a socially-just school and the place that occupies in them the care of sociocultural diversity, aiming to
Teaching English phonemes to Moore EFL students using phonemic awareness activities: A contrastive analysis approach
Contrastive analysis (CA) has been extensively used in the field of second language acquisition (SLA) with the aim of comparing languages to identify their similarities and differences followed by a


The aims of education
The account of education given in our earlier chapters virtually anticipated the results reached in a discussion of the purport of education in a democratic community. For it assumed that the aim of
Critical Lessons: What our Schools Should Teach
Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Learning and self-understanding 2. The psychology of war 3. House and home 4. Other people 5. Parenting 6. Animals and nature 7. Advertising and propaganda 8. Making a
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Part I. Happiness as an Aim of Life and Education: 1. Happiness 2. Suffering and unhappiness 3. Needs and wants 4. The aims of education Part II. Educating for Personal Life: 5. Making a home 6.
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Education, identity and cheap french fries the politics of official knowledge becoming right - education and the formation of conservative movements American realities - poverty, economy, and
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Called "one of the greatest men alive" by The Times of London, E. O. Wilson proposes an historic partnership between scientists and religious leaders to preserve Earth's rapidly vanishing
Political Agendas for Education
  • 2005