Agua, música y delicuescencia subterránea en la poesía de Seamus Heane: complejos simbólicos de Moyola y del zahorí

  title={Agua, m{\'u}sica y delicuescencia subterr{\'a}nea en la poes{\'i}a de Seamus Heane: complejos simb{\'o}licos de Moyola y del zahor{\'i}},
  author={Juan R{\'a}ez Padilla},
This article analyses two particular aspects of water symbolism in the poetry of Seamus Heaney: on the one hand, it focuses on the interrelationship between water and music in what we have termed symbolic complex of Moyola; on the other hand, it emphasizes the significance of underground water and deliquescence in what we call symbolic complex of the diviner. These two symbolic complexes show the inspirational force of water in the poetry of the Nobel prize writer. Finally, this symbolic study… CONTINUE READING

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