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Agronomic evaluation of nutrient management for potato in Northwest China

  title={Agronomic evaluation of nutrient management for potato in Northwest China},
  author={Shutian Li and Ji-yun Jin and Yu Duan and Zhanquan Chen and Tian-wen Guo and Youhong Li and Yan’an Tong},
In northwest China the lack of knowledge on soil nutrient fertility and of appropriate nutrient management practices has restricted potato production. Field trials were conducted from 2002 to 2007 to determine the main limiting nutrients for potato (Solanum tuberosum L), and to evaluate the nutrient management practice (NMP) based on an Agro Services International (ASI) systematic approach. Results indicated that average potato yields in nutrient omission plots were in the order 0-N (22.2 t ha… Expand
Enhancing Sustainable Potato Production—A Case Study in Northern China
Potato is the fourth most important staple crop in China. To meet the increased demand and environmental objectives, potato production should be enhanced by sustainable practices that aim to maximizeExpand