Agrobacterium-mediated delivery of infectious maize streak virus into maize plants

  title={Agrobacterium-mediated delivery of infectious maize streak virus into maize plants},
  author={Nigel Grimsley and Thomas Peter Erich Hohn and Jeffrey W. Davies and Barbara Hohn},
Cells of certain strains of Agrobacterium colonize plants by transferring a portion of their DNA (the T-DNA) into a host plant cell, so causing it to proliferate and produce substances (opines) which the bacteria can use as food1. Most dicotyledonous plants can act as hosts, but most monocotyledonous species (including the economically important gramineae) are thought not to be susceptible2. We have used agroinfection (Agrobacterium-mediated virus infection3) as a very sensitive assay to test… CONTINUE READING

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