Agricultural injuries in Central India: nature, magnitude, and economic impact.

  title={Agricultural injuries in Central India: nature, magnitude, and economic impact.},
  author={Pratibha Tiwari and L P Gite and Ashok Kumar Dubey and Lucja Kot},
  journal={Journal of agricultural safety and health},
  volume={8 1},
A study was carried out in Madhya Pradesh (Central India) to collect data on injury-causing agricultural incidents during the period 1995-1999. The overall incidence rate was 1.25/1000 workers/year. About 9.2% of the incidents were fatal, and most of the fatal incidents were due to tractors and snakebites (42.9% each). About 77.6% of all incidents were due to farm machinery, 11.8% were due to hand tools, and the remaining 10.6% were due to other sources like snakes, wells, etc. Data on 1,911… CONTINUE READING
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