Agricultural Growth Rates in the Punjab, 1906-1942

  title={Agricultural Growth Rates in the Punjab, 1906-1942},
  author={Ajit Kumar Dasgupta},
  journal={Indian Economic And Social History Review},
  pages={327 - 348}
  • A. Dasgupta
  • Published 1 July 1981
  • Economics
  • Indian Economic And Social History Review
Agricultural growth in pre-independence Punjab has generally been regarded as the one indisputable success story in the bleak record of Indian agriculture under the British Raj, and hence it deserves attention. A study of it may also help in viewing the comparative agricultural development of Punjab (India) and Punjab (Pakistan) since: independence in a proper perspective. The classic study of agricultural growth in pre-independence Punjab is Blyn’s.1 He was, however, concerned more with the… 
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