Ago-associated human usRNAs and other similar small RNAs


We report the characterization of several subclasses of unusually small RNAs (usRNAs) in human and viral genomes. Prior to our work, two popular, yet incorrect presumptions led to all small RNAs less than 20 bases in length (usRNAs) being thought of as transient degradation products of longer RNAs or as RNAs that cannot be reliably mapped to the genome. In… (More)
DOI: 10.1186/gb-2010-11-s1-p6


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@inproceedings{Li2010AgoassociatedHU, title={Ago-associated human usRNAs and other similar small RNAs}, author={Zhihua Li and Sang Woo Kim and Yuefeng Lin and Patrick S Moore and Yuan Chang and Bino John}, booktitle={Genome Biology}, year={2010} }