Aging-associated endothelial dysfunction in humans is reversed by L-arginine.

  title={Aging-associated endothelial dysfunction in humans is reversed by L-arginine.},
  author={Anoop J Chauhan and Ranjit S More and Paul A. Mullins and Gregg Taylor and C Petch and Peter M. Schofield},
  journal={Journal of the American College of Cardiology},
  volume={28 7},
OBJECTIVES This study investigated the hypothesis that aging selectively impairs endothelium-dependent function, which may be reversible by administration of L-arginine. BACKGROUND An impaired response to acetylcholine with aging has been demonstrated in humans. However, the mechanisms underlying this impaired response of the coronary microvasculature remain to be determined. METHODS We infused the endothelium-independent vasodilators papaverine and glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) and the… CONTINUE READING