Aging and the nigrostriatal dopamine system: a non-human primate study.

  title={Aging and the nigrostriatal dopamine system: a non-human primate study.},
  author={Ian Irwin and L E Delanney and Tom McNeill and Piu Chan and Lysia S. Forno and Greer M. Murphy and Donato A. Di Monte and Martha S. Sandy and James William Langston},
  journal={Neurodegeneration : a journal for neurodegenerative disorders, neuroprotection, and neuroregeneration},
  volume={3 4},
The present study examined neurochemical, morphological and functional markers of the nigrostriatal dopamine system in young, intermediate-aged and old squirrel monkeys. Striking reductions in motoric activity were observed with advancing age. significant age-related loss of dopamine occurred in the substantia nigra (70%) and the putamen (30%) but not in the caudate. There was a strong correlation between the reductions in motoric activity and the loss of putamen dopamine. However… CONTINUE READING
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