Aging and sleep: physiology and pathophysiology.

  title={Aging and sleep: physiology and pathophysiology.},
  author={Bradley A. Edwards and Denise M O'Driscoll and Asad Ali and Amy S Jordan and John Trinder and Atul Malhotra},
  journal={Seminars in respiratory and critical care medicine},
  volume={31 5},
Aging effects on sleep are important to consider for the practicing pulmonologist due to the increase in prevalence of major respiratory disorders as well as the normal changes that occur in sleep patterns with aging. Typically, aging is associated with decreases in the amount of slow wave sleep and increases in stage 1 and 2 non-rapid eye movement sleep, often attributed to an increased number of spontaneous arousals that occur in the elderly. Elderly individuals tend to go to sleep earlier in… CONTINUE READING
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