Aging and directed forgetting in episodic memory: A meta-analysis.

  title={Aging and directed forgetting in episodic memory: A meta-analysis.},
  author={Cora Titz and Paul Michel Bernard Verhaeghen},
  journal={Psychology and aging},
  volume={25 2},
In this meta-analysis, we examined the effects of aging on directed forgetting. A cue to forget is more effective in younger (d = 1.17) than in older (d = 0.81) adults. Directed-forgetting effects were larger (a) with the item method rather than with the list method, (b) with longer presentation times, (c) with longer postcue rehearsal times, (d) with single words rather than with verbal action phrases as stimuli, (e) with shorter lists, and (f) when recall rather than recognition was tested… CONTINUE READING

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