Aging and Genome Maintenance: Lessons from the Mouse?

  title={Aging and Genome Maintenance: Lessons from the Mouse?},
  author={P. Hasty and J. Campisi and J. Hoeijmakers and H. van Steeg and J. Vijg},
  pages={1355 - 1359}
  • P. Hasty, J. Campisi, +2 authors J. Vijg
  • Published 2003
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Recent progress in the science of aging is driven largely by the use of model systems, ranging from yeast and nematodes to mice. These models have revealed conservation in genetic pathways that balance energy production and its damaging by-products with pathways that preserve somatic maintenance. Maintaining genome integrity has emerged as a major factor in longevity and cell viability. Here we discuss the use of mouse models with defects in genome maintenance for understanding the molecular… CONTINUE READING
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