Aging alters the pharmacokinetics of pyridostigmine

  title={Aging alters the pharmacokinetics of pyridostigmine},
  author={J. Gilbert Stone and Richard S. Matteo and Eugene J. Ornstein and Arthur E. Schwartz and Noeleen D. Ostapkovich and Subhash C. Jamdar and Juli{\'a}n D{\'i}az},
  journal={Anesthesia and analgesia},
  volume={81 4},
The duration of the antagonism to neuromuscular blockade produced by pyridostigmine is prolonged in elderly patients, and a pharmacokinetic explanation was sought. Ten elderly (71-85 yr) and 10 younger (21-51 yr) patients were anesthetized with thiopental, nitrous oxide, and isoflurane and paralyzed with a combination of d-tubocurarine and pancuronium. When twitch height returned to 5% of baseline, pyridostigmine 0.25 mg/kg was administered and blood samples were collected intermittently for 6… CONTINUE READING