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Agile-User Experience Design: an Agile and User-Centered Process?

  title={Agile-User Experience Design: an Agile and User-Centered Process?},
  author={Lou Schwartz},
  booktitle={International Conference on Software Engineering Advances},
  • Lou Schwartz
  • Published in
    International Conference on…
    27 October 2013
  • Computer Science
Agile-User Experience Design, also called Agile-UX, is a trend of the last decade that mixes values and practices from the Agile software engineering methods and the User- Centered Design. Several practitioners have proposed different processes to organize the work between development and design. After a short reminder of the values of Agile and User Centered Design methods, this paper presents five processes proposed in the literature. The processes are discussed with regards to their respect… 

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Agile-User Experience Design: Does the Involvement of Usability Experts Improve the Software Quality?

The results are that the involvement of a User Centred Design expert improves the quality of the developed product and the users' satisfaction in Agile-UX.

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This book examines the possibilities of incorporating elements of user-centred design (UCD) such as user experience (UX) and usability with agile software development. It explores the difficulties

Building a Team to Champion User-Centered Design Within an Agile Process

This paper provides a review of differentUI/UX team structures in organizations and their implications in the implementation of projects to contribute to better understanding of UI/UX teams in design agencies and the influence of this understanding on the success of projects incorporating UCD and agile approaches.

A framework for integrating user-centred Design and agile Development in small Companies

Results show that the intervention at understanding the integration of user-centred design and Agile development and at supporting its adoption in small companies has benefited companies at several levels, enriching work practice with fresh techniques, favouring team collaboration and cooperation, and resulting in a shift from a technology- Centred mindset to a more user-Centred one.

Communication Breakdowns in the Integration of User-Centred Design and Agile Development

Way to promote a receptive organisational culture for the integration of UCD and Agile is suggested, drawing inspiration from participatory design and design thinking, retaining the richness of community voice, and effectively timing the combination of the two methodologies.

The Prevalence of UX Design in Agile Development Processes in Industry

Interviewing eight companies found that the UX maturity during these two years had changed significantly, and the idea of modifying existing usability methods to be used in an agile, industrial setting could be a solution to bridge the gap between academia and the industry.

Fast, Faster, Agile UCD

This position paper describes an on-going PhD project exploring the opportunities of integrating user centred design (UCD) and agile software development. This is partly done by developing and

Fast, Fastere, Agile UCD

This position paper describes an on-going PhD project exploring the opportunities of integrating user centred design (UCD) and agile software development. This is partly done by developing and

A Conceptual Model of User Experience in Scrum Practice

This paper discusses how UX integrate into Scrum practice, and classified UX-Scrum integration from the role of UX designer in a Scrum team; Parallel Working, Working within a Sprint, and Lean UX, a new method has been introduced by integrating collaborative routine that played out across the UX and the rhythms of Scrum.

Agile, Easily Applicable, and Useful eHealth Usability Evaluations: Systematic Review and Expert-Validation

The comprehensive and evidence-based prioritization of eHealth usability evaluation methods supports faster usability evaluations, and so contributes to the ease-of-use of emerging eHealth systems.



Towards a Model for Bridging Agile Development and User-Centered Design

This chapter intends to describe the core principles of agile development and investigate to what extent usability-enhancing activities can be supported within the agile approaches, and outline a model for integrating agileDevelopment and user-centered design.

Current State of Agile User-Centered Design: A Survey

The results show that the majority of practitioners perceive that the integration of agile methods with usability/UCD has added value to their adopted processes and to their teams; has resulted in the improvement of usability and quality of the product developed; and has increased the satisfaction of the end-users of the products developed.

Towards a Framework for Integrating Agile Development and User-Centred Design

The aim of the study was to develop a framework for use by project teams wishing to integrate UCD practices with agile development, and five principles for integrating UCD and agile development arising from this work are discussed.

Adapting usability investigations for agile user-centered design

  • D. Sy
  • Computer Science
  • 2007
It is found that the new Agile UCD methods produce better-designed products than the "waterfall" versions of the same techniques.

Five agile UX myths

As more and more user experience practitioners dip their toes into Agile waters, the practice of Agile user experience (UX) continues to evolve and mature, and some misconceptions evolved along with their practice and continue to persist and color how the authors approach design when working with a development team that engages in Agile software development.

Up-Front Interaction Design in Agile Development

In this paper we address how interaction design and agile development work together, with a focus on the issue of interaction design being done "up-front", before software development begins. Our

UCD in agile projects: dream team or odd couple?

Examining professional practice paints a different picture of how UCD and agile practices coexist in a development team, suggesting that this perception is simplistic and misguided.

Process Agility and Software Usability: Toward Lightweight Usage-Centered Design

A streamlined and simplified variant of the usage-centered process that is readily integrated with lightweight methods is outlined, and ordinary index cards help streamline the process of modeling and prioritizing for design and implementation in successive increments.

Méthode centrée utilisateurs et développement agile: une perspective « gagnant-gagnant » au service des projets de R&D

This paper introduces project members experience feedbacks and sets up a method to integrate user-centered design and the agile developments to one another based on short user tests which enable users to intervene during the development phase.

Finding a place for discount usability engineering in agile development: throwing down the gauntlet

  • David Kane
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the Agile Development Conference, 2003. ADC 2003
  • 2003
Many software development organizations are reporting great success with agile software development techniques. However, few techniques explicitly incorporate usability engineering. Further, some