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Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products

  title={Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products},
  author={Jim Highsmith},
Foreword by Israel Gat The Agile Software Development SeriesCockburn HighsmithSeries Editors Creating Innovative Products Software Development/Agile Best practices for managing projects in agile environmentsnow updated with new techniques for larger projects Today, the pace of project management moves faster. Project management needs to become more flexible and far more responsive to customers. Using Agile Project Management (APM), project managers can achieve all these goals without… 
Agile Project Management Tools: A Brief Comprative View
16 popular Agile project management tools have been presented helping agile developers to plan and manage their tasks in an efficient manner, providing flexibility to Agile developers and increase collaboration among team members.
Results of agile project management implementation in software engineering companies
The research findings show that in the investigated projects agile project management led to the deterioration of cost and schedule performance, however, the quality, both perceived by clients and assessed by internal technical analysts, improved after the implementation of agile software project management practices.
Using Analytic Hierarchy Process to Evaluate Implementation Barriers of Agile Project Management in Australian Project Environments
The research findings aim not only at facilitating agile project practitioners to recognise the most important agile implementation barriers but also the contribution to the improvement of future APM implementation in Australian projects.
Does the “Project Manager” Still Exist in Agile Software Development Projects?
An online survey was posted out to agile special interest groups on popular social media platforms to discover the frequency of the job title "project manager" in agile projects and found there is an inverse correlation between the co-location of a team and presence of project manager.
An agile strategy for implementing CMMI project management practices in software organizations
This paper proposes a strategy for implementing agile project management in companies which seek to comply with CMMI by making use of the best practices of Agile Project Management and of the main agile methods and frameworks in a gradual and disciplined manner thereby contributing to the increased success rate of software development projects.
Investigating the Scope for Agile Project Management to Be Adopted by Higher Education Institutions
This chapter provides an initial answer to this question through exploring how agile techniques can be applied to improve the performance at universities in regard to research, education and knowledge-exchange operations.
Agility Facilitators for Contemporary Software Development
The authors propose a framework that describes the organizational mechanisms through which the nine categories of facilitators lead to software development agility, which is based on an evolved grounded-theory approach.
Improving the Collaboration Between Enterprise Architects and Agile Teams: A Multiple-Case Study
A set of tactics for improving the collaboration between enterprise architects and agile teams is presented, based on the results from 68 semi-structured interviews with 25 industry experts.