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Agile-CMMI Alignment: CMMI V2.0 Contributions and To-dos for Organizations

  title={Agile-CMMI Alignment: CMMI V2.0 Contributions and To-dos for Organizations},
  author={Valeria Henr{\'i}quez and Ana M. Moreno and Jos{\'e} Antonio Calvo-Manzano and Tom{\'a}s San Feliu},
CMMI and Agile can work together. Over 80% of CMMI appraisals in 2018 were conducted at agile organizations, even though pre-2018 CMMI versions do not provide guidelines for agile contexts. A number of experience reports and research studies address the alignment between the two approaches but also pinpoint open tactical and organizational challenges. CMMI V2.0, published in 2018, was designed to be understandable, accessible, and flexible. It was intended to be integrated with other… 
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