Aggregate and soil organic carbon dynamics in South Chilean Andisols

  title={Aggregate and soil organic carbon dynamics in South Chilean Andisols},
  author={Dries Huygens and Pascal Boeckx and Oswald van Cl{\'e}emput and Carlos E. Oyarz{\'u}n and Roberto Godoy},
Abstract. Extreme sensitivity of soil organic carbon (SOC) to climate and land use change warrants further research in different terrestrial ecosystems. The aim of this study was to investigate the link between aggregate and SOC dynamics in a chronosequence of three different land uses of a south Chilean Andisol: a second growth Nothofagus obliqua forest (SGFOR), a grassland (GRASS) and a Pinus radiata plantation (PINUS). Total carbon content of the 0-10cm soil layer was higher for GRASS (6.7… Expand
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The influence of land-use change on the organic carbon distribution and microbial respiration in a volcanic soil of the Chilean Patagonia.
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