Agents of Change: How Islamist Women Activists in Israel Are Challenging the Status Quo

  title={Agents of Change: How Islamist Women Activists in Israel Are Challenging the Status Quo},
  author={Tilde Rosmer},
  journal={Die Welt des Islams},
  • Tilde Rosmer
  • Published 2017
  • Political Science
  • Die Welt des Islams
From the public profile and media reporting on the Islamic Movement in Israel (al-Ḥaraka al-islāmiyya fī Isrā’īl), the impression given is that this movement is run by men, and that women are, if visible, in the background. However, when looking behind the facade it becomes clear that women are not only active, but are at the forefront of Islamist activism, spearheading change in their community. In their organizations for women, and through informal channels, they educate women, and indirectly… Expand
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