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Agents Vote for the Environment: Designing Energy-Efficient Architecture

  title={Agents Vote for the Environment: Designing Energy-Efficient Architecture},
  author={L. Marcolino and D. Gerber and Boian Kolev and Samori Price and Evangelos Pantazis and Y. Tian and Milind Tambe},
  booktitle={AAAI Workshop: Computational Sustainability},
Saving energy is a major concern. Hence, it is fundamental to design and construct buildings that are energy-efficient. It is known that the early stage of architectural design has a significant impact on this matter. However, it is complex to create designs that are optimally energy efficient, and at the same time balance other essential criterias such as economics, space, and safety. One state-of-the art approach is to create parametric designs, and use a genetic algorithm to optimize across… Expand
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