Agent-oriented methodologies

  title={Agent-oriented methodologies},
  author={Brian Henderson-Sellers and Paolo Giorgini},
A sample of chapters: Prometheus: A Practical Agent-Oriented Methodology Multiagent Systems Engineering: an Overview and Case Study Comparison of Ten Agent-Oriented Methodologies Creating a Comprehensive Agent-Oriented Methodology - Using Method Engineering and the OPEN Metamodel 
Formalization of agent-oriented systems
The paper analyzes formal models of agents, their role in the design of agent-oriented systems, their use at the stage of designing an agent-based system, as well as the degree of application ofExpand
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
An industrial-strength multiagent platform and two exemplar development methodologies are described in detail and some issues of communication and quality, unique to multiagent systems, are discussed. Expand
Agent oriented software engineering: a comparative study between methodologies that support the development of multi-agent systems
Each one of the Prometheus, Tropos and MaSE methodologies has different approaches, and it is up to the designer the task of choose one, according to his/her needs. Expand
Distributed Goal-Oriented Reasoning Engine for Multi-agent Systems: Initial Implementation
The paper summarizes part of the design and programming issues that were addressed for providing the initial prototype with customization and self-configuration facilities for distributed goaloriented reasoning engine formulti-agent systems. Expand
Agent-based Software Engineering
Agent-based approach in software engineering(SE) is regarded as a promising technique in development software. This method could be adopted in many context, such as expert systems, AI, web servicesExpand
Architecture-Centric Software Development of Situated Multiagent Systems
A multiagent system structures a software system as a set of autonomous agents that interact through a shared environment to form a model for future generations of software systems. Expand
Hermes: goal-oriented interactions for intelligent agents
Intelligent agents are goal-oriented software entities which exhibit a number of desirable characteristics, such as flexibility and robustness, which are suitable for complex, dynamic, andExpand
Environment in agent-oriented software engineering methodologies
This paper review, classify, and compare existing AOSE methodologies according to their support for the notion of MAS environment, and suggests a general approach for extending existing Aose methodologies toward full environment support. Expand
Supporting Autonomy in Agent Oriented Methodologies
This paper studies and analyzes literature on the concept of agents in order to establish the basic set of concepts an agent oriented methodology has to deal with. Expand
Debugging multi-agent systems with design documents
Debugging multi-agent systems, which are concurrent, distributed, and consist of complex components is difficult, yet crucial. The development of these complex systems is supported by agent-orientedExpand