Agent-directed simulation: challenges to meet defense and civilian requirements

  title={Agent-directed simulation: challenges to meet defense and civilian requirements},
  author={Tuncer {\"O}ren and Susan K. Numrich and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher and Linda F. Wilson and Erol Gelenbe},
  booktitle={Winter Simulation Conference},
The aim of this panel session is to point out the importance of agent-directed simulation, as a scientific concept and technological possibility, to enhance the potential of simulation in both civilian and defense applications. The members of the panel (organized by Dr. Ören) are: Dr. Erol Gelenbe, Dr. S. K. Numrich, Dr. Adelinde Uhrmacher, and Dr. Linda Wilson. The position statements of the panel members are given separately. Ören bases his arguments on the NATO Modelling and Simulation… CONTINUE READING