Agent-Based Modeling: A New Approach for Theory Building in Social Psychology

  title={Agent-Based Modeling: A New Approach for Theory Building in Social Psychology},
  author={E. Smith and Frederica R. Conrey},
  journal={Personality and Social Psychology Review},
  pages={104 - 87}
  • E. Smith, Frederica R. Conrey
  • Published 2007
  • Psychology, Medicine, Sociology
  • Personality and Social Psychology Review
  • Most social and psychological phenomena occur not as the result of isolated decisions by individuals but rather as the result of repeated interactions between multiple individuals over time. Yet the theory-building and modeling techniques most commonly used in social psychology are less than ideal for understanding such dynamic and interactive processes. This article describes an alternative approach to theory building, agent-based modeling (ABM), which involves simulation of large numbers of… CONTINUE READING
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